Model 983

Sterile Process Connection, Diaphragm In-line Seal

With Integrated Temperature Measurement

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  • Pressure and temperature measurement in pipelines
  • For flowing, pure media
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Biochemical and pharmaceutical industry, production of active ingredients

Special Features

  • Pressure and temperature measurement in one measuring location
  • Completely round diaphragm (European Patent No. 0609846) to avoid dead spaces
  • Self-draining in all mounting positions
  • Quick measuring point cleaning without residues
  • Suitable for SIP and CIP


Process connection
Model 983.18: male thread DIN 11 851
Model 983.22: Tri-clamp
Model 983.50: male thread NEUMO BioConnect
Model 983.51: male thread DIN 11 864-1 form A
Model 983.52: Clamp per DIN 32 676
Model 983.53: Clamp per ISO 2852
Nominal sizes (DN) see dimensions overleaf

Pressure rating
PN 40 up to DN 50 resp. DN 2"
PN 25 from DN 65 resp. DN 2½"

Suitable pressure ranges
0 ... 0.6 bar to 0 ... 25 resp. 40 bar

Material of wetted parts
Stainless steel 1.4435 (316L)

Instrument connection
Gauges directly welded, transmitter with adaptor screwed

Temperature measurement
with Pt100, 4 wire
Temperature ranges 0 ... +50 °C to 0 ... +150 °C

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