Model A51

Bimetal thermometer

For heating technology, high-quality version

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    • Heating systems
    • Refrigeration and air-conditioning technology
    • Ventilation systems

Special features

  • Scale ranges from -30 ... +250 °C
  • Nominal size 63, 80 and 100
  • Different connection designs


The model A51 bimetal thermometer has been developed as a high-quality version for simple temperature indication in heating, air-conditioning and ventilation applications. The modular design enables a multitude of combinations of case materials, nominal sizes, scale ranges and stem lengths.

The instrument is very versatile in operation. For operation in heating applications, fitting with a thermowell is recommended. For this, the A51 has been designed with a smooth stem in readiness for thermowell mounting. Furthermore, this version offers an indication accuracy of class 1 in accordance with EN 13190.

In the air-conditioning and ventilation industries, the A51 is available with a sliding mounting flange on the stem as well as a rear mounting flange at the case. Both versions are delivered with an indication accuracy of class 2 in accordance with EN 13190.

Bimetal thermometer
  • Bimetal thermometer
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