Product return

High customer satisfaction is important to us!

In the area of re-calibration, rebuilding, repairs and complaints we are able to reduce the transit time by using the return form sheet.

In case of returns please note

  • Fill in the form sheet completely.
  • Areas highlighted in orange MUST be filled in.
  • Please observe, that in case of contaminated gauges, the medium (if possible with material safety data sheet) must be indicated. We reserve the right to refuse the acceptance when a packet is not marked.
  • You will receive a confirmation of your return delivery via e-mail with a RNM-No. (e.g. RNM0002) within shortest time.
  • Mark the packet with this RNM-Number on the outside and give a note which indicates that it might be contaminated. Please send a copy of the form sheet with the packet.
  • A second e-mail informs you about the contact person responsible for your return delivery. 

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